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Yesterday, Utility…Today, Design

Posted by innovativeip on September 25, 2010

Today’s Patent of the Day is U.S. Patent no. D52473, issued September 24, 1918, for a trumpet design.

Today's Patent of the Day

Not being a trumpet player, I am unable to easily discern which features of this trumpet are utilitarian, and which elements are aesthetic.  Perhaps someone can comment on that.  I find it noteworthy that the inventor, Mr. Couturier, is also the inventor of yesterday’s Patent of the Day, a utility patent for a coronet that issued a few years before this design patent.  Even in the early 1900’s, it appears that the strength of a diverse portfolio was appreciated, at least by Mr. Couturier, wherein he sought protection for both the appearance of his instruments, as well as the functional distinction thereof.

If you’d like to read either of Mr. Couturier’s instrument patents, please visit, and you will find them on the “Of Interest” page.  Enjoy!


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