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Technology Transfer of Staph Vaccine IP brings $46 million to Florida Company

Posted by innovativeip on August 30, 2010

Today’s Patent of the Day is U.S. Patent no. 6,936,258, issued August 30, 2005, and entitled “Staphylococcus Antigen and Vaccine”. 

Today's Patent of the Day

The potentially life saving subject matter of this patent was invented at a small Boca Raton Company,  Nabi Pharmaceuticals, who earlier this month reported the successful transfer of the technology related to this vaccine candidate to GlaxoSmithKline for “a total consideration of $46 million.”   A proud success story for Florida Biotech, and a priceless vaccine, if ultimately successful in preventing staph infections.

And, speaking of priceless inventions (tongue-in-cheek), the Patent of the Day for yesterday, Sunday, August 29, is U.S. Patent no. 631,872, issued August 29, 1899 for an “Implement for Unstopping Bottles”.

Sunday's Patent of the Day

Undoubtedly, many consider the bottle opener a priceless invention, especially as football season is kicking off.  The bottle cap itself was reportedly introduced in the mid-1890’s, and while this patent for a combination bottle opener and pocket knife wasn’t the very first bottle opener, it is certainly one of the earliest.  Although we now have screwcaps, drink pouches, poptops, and other “improvements”, the basic bottle cap is still so much the norm that many (me, included) keep a magnetic opener on the fridge door, at the ready.  And, of course, the opener is an absolute pregame tailgate must.

To read more about today’s priceless patent subject matter, please visit, where you can download the patents on the “Of Interest” page.  Enjoy!


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