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Open Wide and Say “Ah”

Posted by innovativeip on August 16, 2010

The Patent of the Day for yesterday, Sunday, August 15, is U.S. Patent no. 5711, issued August 15, 1848 for a chair that was intended to be used for “dental and surgical operation, or for other purposes requiring similar apparatus.”

Sunday's Patent of the Day

Looking back from almost 100 years in the future, I find the chair to look a bit scary.  But, what I find perhaps to be the most curious is to consider what would these “other purposes requiring similar apparatus” be?  Brings thoughts of the SAW movies to mind…

Yes, let’s move on.  Today’s Patent of the Day is also interesting, and although I’m not sure of its intended use, it strikes me as a piece that could have been in an old JAMES BOND movie, securing some top secret program and with only one key existing to provide access.  U.S. design patent D349,693 was issued on August 16, 1994 for a “Housing for Enclosing a Personal Computer”.

Today's Patent of the Day

Considering the design, it appears to be intended for security purposes, or perhaps for use as a kiosk?  I think I may have seen something along these lines in a museum, offering  information on a particular exhibit.  Whatever its use, since design patents have a term of 14 years, this patent would have expired in 2008, and so the design is now in the public domain, free for anyone to use.

If you’d like to read either of these patents in its entirety, or any of the previous Patent of the Day patents, please visit, and click over to the “Of Interest” page.  Enjoy!


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