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Important Inventions for Seaside Living

Posted by innovativeip on August 2, 2010

You may have noticed that there was no entry for Sunday, August 1, 2010 for “Patent of the Day”.  That does not mean, however, that no patents were ever issued on August 1.  I’ve simply observed that most readers take Sunday off, and I’ve decided to follow suit, giving Monday’s blog entry the benefit of both dates, and giving myself the benefit of a Sunday at rest.  As a result, today, we have two Patents of the Day, both important for seaside living.

First, a familiar seaside activity, fishing.  Living by a large body of water can stir interest in the fun of fishing.  I have spent a bit of time fishing in my life, and, although I live seaside, caught a nice trout on a favorite North Georgia river just last week.  If you’ve spent any time at all with this hobby/sport, you know that equipment matters, and equipment abounds.

Today's Patent of the Day

  Today’s Patent of the Day was issued August 2, 1994, for a “Clutch Structure for a Fishing Reel.”  This patent is assigned to Shimano, a well known name in the fishing reel industry.  You can view related products at  If you’d like to read more about the specifics of the patented reel clutch, you can view the patent at  And, if you haven’t fished recently, it’s time to spend a relaxing day on the water!

Second, a familiar seaside contaminant:  salt!  Yesterday’s Patent of the Day was issued August 1, 1989, and describes a very important device that I rely on regularly, living by the sea:  The Automatic Carwash.

August 1 Patent of the Day

I do, fairly regularly, make use of a local car wash with what appears to be the system described by this patent.  I drive into the “Salty Dog” car wash almost unable to see out of salt-spray-hazed-over windows, and drive out feeling my car sighing with relief.  I, for one, would much rather wash off ocean spray than winter road de-icing chemicals!  If you’d like to read more about the mechanics of the automatic car wash, the patent is posted at   Enjoy!


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