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Crop Circles…Aliens? Or…

Posted by innovativeip on July 22, 2010

Crop circle myths abound, each offering an explanation for large circular patterns that “appear” in growing fields, where crops are cut or bent a few feet from the ground surface.  Today’s Patent of the Day offers an earth-based means for creating such a pattern.

Today's Patent of the Day

U.S. Patent no. 2,604,359, issued on July 22, 1952 to Frank Zybach discloses a “Self-Propelled Sprinkling Irrigating Apparatus”.  A distribution pipe pivots around a central water feed, defining a circular pattern two to six feet above the ground.   The device, as described, seems perfectly suited to forming a crop circle, although not at all as fun as the “aliens visited our planet” explanations.    If you’d like to read the full patent, please visit  Enjoy!


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